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"The fact that this was a little Mermaid retelling had me super excited to read! The author did a great job of putting a very different spin on a classic. " - cassijo84, BookBub Reviewer

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An immortal woman.

An ancient curse.

A deadly pact.

Lily has roamed the earth for centuries, unable to die but also unable to truly live, lest her secret be discovered.

Unfortunately, saving a young boy from an almost-deadly accident attracts a handsome stranger’s rapt attention.

He sees her in a way few others have before, putting them both at risk and awakening an ancient curse.

After years of searching and nearly losing all hope, Lily’s finally found something—and someone—to live for. But will that be enough to save them from what is coming?

Equal parts puzzle and page-turner, Of Songs and Seashells is a modern continuation of the classic fairy tale The Little Mermaid. We promise you’ve never read anything quite like it before.

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"Someone's coming," she said, in that low tone that sent a shiver up Bash's spine. "Someone . . . important."

"Who?" He knew it was best not to touch her, but when she didn't respond, he leaned forward a little. "Mom, who's coming?"

Eileen gave a little shudder and blinked, her gaze clearing. "I don't know. Have you—have you seen anything?"

Bash shook his head. "I had a flash about Wyatt earlier. Thought he might have been in trouble, but it passed quickly."

"Ten-year-old boys are always in trouble," Eileen said with a little smile. "But no, I think Wyatt's fine. I—"

At that moment, the bell over the front door tinkled, marking someone's arrival, and Bash turned to see the boy in question coming in slowly.

Slowly. That wasn't good. Wyatt never went anywhere slowly.

"What did you do?" Bash asked, arching a brow.

Wyatt blinked. "What? Nothing!" he exclaimed, edging a nervous glance toward his grandmother. "I just—I met a new neighbor." He smiled widely and looked over his shoulder.

Bash followed his line of sight to see a young woman following Wyatt into the store. He'd never seen her before, which was unusual since Bash knew pretty much everyone in town. His first impression was . . . well, the word delicate came to mind. She was young and slender, with willowy limbs, golden-blonde hair and porcelain skin dusted with freckles. Her nose turned up a little, giving her an almost mischievous quality, but it was her eyes that made him freeze in his tracks. They were brown, dark and luminous, but it wasn't the color or shape that caught him off guard. It was a depth of . . . something he couldn't put a name to, that suddenly made Bash suspect she was older than she looked.

"Well, hello." Eileen came out from behind the counter, giving Bash a curious look that made him realize he'd been staring a bit too long. His mom held out a hand to the newcomer. "I'm Eileen Keeler."

The woman hesitated before shaking her hand. "I'm Lily. Nice to meet you." Her voice matched her appearance, quiet, but musical . . . almost ethereal.

Eileen studied her for a moment, and Bash knew she was fighting the urge to read her. His mother's curiosity was only bested by her politeness, and no matter how much she'd want to know more, she wouldn't prod beneath the surface without permission.

"Lily," she repeated with a welcoming smile. "So glad you could come in. You're new to Hurley Harbor?" Eileen released her hand and Lily tucked it into the pocket of her shorts.

"Just moved into the cottage on the cliffside," she replied, with a nervous glance at Bash. He cleared his throat and blinked. He really needed to stop staring.

"Shell Cottage?" Eileen pushed a strand of gray-streaked black hair behind her ear. "I had no idea it was even for sale. You don't mind being up there all alone?"

"No, not at all," she replied with a slight smile. "I like the quiet. And the sea."

"I hope that quiet wasn't disrupted by this one." His mother swatted Wyatt's hand away from the dish of homemade caramels near the cash register.

"I didn't do anything!" Wyatt said quickly. Too quickly.

Bash's eyes narrowed.

"He didn't," Lily affirmed, although Bash wasn't sure if she was telling the truth or just didn't want to get his nephew in trouble. Wyatt looked visibly relieved, so he suspected it was the latter.

"He was just walking," Lily said. "Looking for rocks and things, and we ran into each other."

Wyatt nodded, his eyes wide with innocence.

"Mm hmm." Eileen didn't seem to buy it either. "You know you're not supposed to be up on those cliffs by yourself. It's dangerous."

Lily choked, and started to cough, and Bash had a sneaking suspicion she was trying not to laugh.

"It's not that dangerous," Wyatt muttered, but Lily cut him a look and he swallowed whatever else he was going to say.

Something was going on between these two, but Bash suspected it wasn't going to be easy to find out exactly what it was.

"Would you like some tea?" Eileen made her way back behind the counter, where her ever-present flowered teapot sat next to the electric kettle and a collection of herbal teas. "It's lemon ginger chamomile. My own special blend."

"That sounds delicious, but I really should get going." Lily scratched her neck and Bash caught a glimpse of a tattoo peeking out from the collar of her t-shirt. "I have to get some supplies, and I have a ton of unpacking to do."

"Well, take it to go, then." Eileen pulled a paper cup from under the counter and filled it with the steaming beverage. "I'd love to know what you think."

Lily's lips quirked in a small smile and she stepped forward to take the cup. "Thank you, Eileen." She glanced at Wyatt. "See you later, Wyatt."

"See ya, Lily." He chewed his lip, for a moment, then added, "Thank you," in a quiet voice. "I mean, for the ride."

She smiled. "Anytime." Then her gaze flitted at Bash, uncertain.

"Oh!" he exclaimed, ignoring his mother's exasperated sigh. He'd been standing there the whole time, not saying a word.

What an idiot.

"Sorry. I didn't—I mean, I should have—" Bash inhaled sharply, then forced a smile through his red-faced embarrassment. "I'm Bash," he said, extending his hand. "Wyatt's uncle."

"Ah yes, Uncle Bash," Lily said, tilting her head slightly. "Wyatt mentioned you. Quite the—"

Bash didn't hear what else she said, because the moment she shook his hand, everything around him swirled and vanished, leaving him in a cold and murky blackness. Confused, he searched his surroundings, but couldn't make anything out in the dim light.

Where was he? What was happening?

Something tugged at his leg and Bash gasped, but instead of air filling his lungs, he sucked in cold, salty water. He choked, bubbles floating out from his mouth and nose, drifting upward to where the pressing darkness lightened slightly.

Underwater. He was underwater.

He was drowning.

Panic coursing through his veins, Bash flailed as he tried to swim to the surface. He pushed against the icy water weighing him down, but he couldn't move. Something held his limbs tight, and all he could do was struggle fruitlessly against the invisible bonds dragging him down . . . down . . . the water rushing by as he was consumed by the depths of the inky black sea.

The water swallowed his silent scream.


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