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The thrilling series concludes with an epic, action-packed installment...

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She thought he was dead. But he could be something even worse.

Chloe Blake is devastated when her boyfriend, Ethan, sacrifices himself to defeat the evil Chaos that threatens the world. But just when she’s on the verge of accepting the terrible loss, a psychic vision convinces her Ethan’s still alive.

And he’s in trouble.

Chloe’s determined to rescue Ethan, and she convinces the rest of The Order to join the mission. But tracking him leads them down a twisting trail with an astonishing destination . . . and to a mysterious shadow agency that’s determined to stop them.

They’re united by a destiny to protect humanity, but this time The Order isn’t fighting for the fate of the world.

This time they’re fighting for one of their own.

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"There's nothing here that's going to help us.”

“You're probably right.” Chloe got to her feet and offered a hand to help Wren get up. “Let me just try and see if I can get a vision of anything.”

Beck and Wren backed away and stood at the edge of the circle, holding hands, while Chloe closed her eyes, a few feet away from the center. She breathed slowly, focusing her thoughts as she'd been practicing, finding that light deep inside of her as she ignored her grief and pain, and searched for that bridge between her consciousness and her gift.

Nothing happened.

She took a step closer to the center and tried again. Breathing in and out. This time she tried to think about Ethan, clinically re-creating the scene when he'd vanished in her mind. Sorrow poked at the edges of her awareness, but she fought it back—fought to observe, not to get swept up in the memories, to hold on to the present and not get lost in the past.

With an aggravated grunt, she opened her eyes. “It's not working,” she called out.

“Maybe you're trying too hard,” Wren offered.

She glanced back at her, trying not to let her irritation show. “I'm open to suggestions.”

“Relax?” Wren said with a shrug.

“Relax. Right. Like I haven't thought of that,” Chloe muttered under her breath. She scanned the area, her eyes narrowed, and finally walked right to the center of the circle. She turned around to face Beck and Wren, both watching her warily.

She closed her eyes and tried to relax.

She inhaled and exhaled slowly, counting to time each breath . . .

In . . . two . . . three . . . four . . .

Out . . . two . . . three . . . four . . .

She didn't try to focus on anything in particular this time. She just stood in the middle of the circle, arms loose by her sides as she let the tension flow from her body.

In . . . two . . . three . . . four . . .

Out . . . two . . . three . . . four . . .

She was aware of the breeze ruffling her hair, the air on her skin, the sun peeking through the clouds overhead casting light and shadows behind her eyelids.

In . . . two . . . three . . . four . . .

Out . . . two . . . three . . . four . . .


“I give up,” she groaned. “It's not working.” She opened her eyes and froze in shock and confusion because she saw . . . nothing.

Were her eyes open? She tried to blink, but she couldn't. Her eyelids didn't respond to her commands. She wanted to touch her face, but her arms hung heavy by her sides, unresponsive to her commands. She couldn’t lift them. She couldn't move anything. She was frozen in place, suffocating, surrounded only by endless darkness. It closed in around her, stealing her breath, pressing against her skin. She couldn't think. Couldn't feel her limbs. Couldn't breathe. Panic set in, fear racing along her nerves, her heart pounding faster and faster . . .

Where was she? What was happening? Trapped. Frozen. Lost. Terrified.

She had to escape. Had to get help. But how?

Chloe could feel the blood racing through her veins, but she didn't have enough oxygen, couldn't inhale deeply enough to fill her lungs. Deep down inside she knew it was a vision, knew she had to somehow gain control. Separate herself from what she was seeing. Logically, she knew that. But logic had no place there, not in the endless void surrounding her.

She gasped for breath, fought against the invisible bonds holding her captive, but nothing worked. No light. No air. No . . . No . . .



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I'm loving these books. They're well written and very entertaining.