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"OMG! Intense. Emotional. Answers and more intrigue! I loved it and I need to know what is going to happen !!!!" - Michele, Amazon Reviewer

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As a consuming darkness threatens the world, The Order prepares for the fight of their lives…

When Dylan Kennedy shows up on Chloe Blake’s doorstep with no memory of how he got there, he quickly learns the weirdness in his life is just beginning. Dylan opens the old wooden chest in Chloe’s attic and, with a flash of blinding light, he’s gifted with a strange and awesome power, and a duty to protect humanity as part of The Order.

Chloe knows the darkness is coming. It feeds on pain, thrives on chaos, and it’s getting stronger every day. Her mystical visions show her a battle on the horizon, that the darkness will destroy everything if they can’t defeat it.

The Order is ready to fight. But if Chloe’s visions are right, they might not all emerge from the battle unscathed.

Or even alive.

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“What exactly did she see?” he asked.

Miranda glanced at him. “A man and woman hurting him. The woman is . . . she's Beck's mother, Gina.”

He swiped his phone open with trembling hands. “My mom. I should check—”

“Text her,” Miranda said gently. “You don't want to worry her if you don't have to.”

He nodded and stabbed at the phone, his leg jiggling as he waited for a response. Seconds? Minutes? When his phone finally dinged, he let out a breath of relief.

“She's having dinner with friends,” he said. “Won't be home for a few hours.”

Miranda nodded stiffly and pulled into his driveway. The tires spun, spitting gravel in their wake and Dylan sat forward, searching for his father through the gathering darkness.

“Chloe saw . . . he's in the back,” Miranda said.

Dylan didn't wait for the car to come to a complete stop before he threw the door open and raced around the house.

Miranda didn't try and stop him, and later he'd probably appreciate that. Appreciate that she understood that nothing—nothing—would keep him from helping his family.

His heart pounded, eyes tearing with desperation as he rounded the corner and finally found his father lying on the ground, a hand held up to protect his head. A woman—Gina, he realized—held her hands out over him, black smoke pouring from her fingers and circling around him, squeezing like a snake. A tall, thin man stood at his dad's feet, and when he caught sight of Dylan approaching, he smiled and pointed a finger at his father, a bolt of electricity shooting out.

Dylan's dad screamed, his body arching with tension on the muddy ground.

Dylan didn't think. Didn't consider his actions at all. All he knew was he had to get to his dad. Had to help him. He ran across the yard, feet splashing in the mud, and dove through the air, covering his father's body with his own. Dylan threw up his shield as he held him tightly, terrified that he was already too late. An explosion rocked the area and Dylan held on even tighter, clenching his eyes shut.

The ground trembled beneath him and all Dylan could do was murmur, “Please be okay. Please be okay . . .”

He had no idea how long he lay there, but as tears streamed down his face, he finally felt his father move, just a little, and he loosened his hold.


“Dylan? What happened? Are you okay?” his dad asked with a muted groan.

“Am I okay? Are you okay?” When his dad made to move out from under him, he stiffened. “No, stay there. They'll get you.”

He peered out from under Dylan's arm. “Who will?”

Dylan followed his gaze and was surprised to see no one hovering over them as his shield glowed brightly in a half-sphere, digging into the ground in a perfect circle around them. He got to his knees and looked around quickly, but Gina was gone and—it took him a moment to spot him—the tall man lay collapsed against the far corner of the shed. Dylan stood and pushed his glasses up.

“What happened?” His father moaned as he shifted a little and Dylan dropped to his knees beside him.

“Don't move. We're going to get you some help.” He saw Miranda approaching. Chloe, Beck, and Wren were right behind her and he dropped the shield.

“Call an ambulance,” he shouted as his dad passed out.


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